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Blue Line Firearms & Tactical LLC is a 2000 sq.ft. retail store selling firearms, firearms accessories, tactical gear, ammunition, reloading supplies and shooting supplies.

We strive to provide the highest level of customer service and the best selection of products.

We offer products for law enforcement, competitive shooters, hunters, self defense, home defense and much more.

If there is a product you are looking for and don't see it on our site, phone or e-mail us and we will try and get the product you are looking for.

Visit us regularly for special promotions and products.

Blue Line Firearms Rifles
Blue Line Firearms Employees
Blue Line Firearms Cases
Rifles in store
Swat team
 High Quality Firearms
Expert Staff
Our Customers Include

Sportsmen & Women  // Police  // Fire // EMS  // EMT  // First Responders // Survival Gear

Military Training  // Tactical Weapons // Survival Gear

Hunting Enthusiasts// Athletic Shooting Sports // Precision Competitors  

Self Defense // Crowd Protection // Private Security...

gun storage available!
Call us to inquire about storing your valuable firearms. 


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